When an email with the subject line “We want to launch one of your designs into space” landed in our inbox earlier this year, we knew we were in for an exciting project.

Aerospace and defence group Nammo were planning to launch their hybrid rocket engine – the Nucleus – into space. If successful, the Nucleus would not only be the first Norwegian-built rocket to reach outer space, but also the first European hybrid rocket motor to do so in over 50 years.

Nammo invited us to design the livery for the outside of the rocket and the mission patches for the launch team to wear on their uniform. The launch would be watched by hundreds of thousands of people, so we got to work creating a design that would stand out from space.


A prestigious project

With plenty of ideas in orbit, our design team began putting together initial drawings and creative concepts. The rocket would be photographed and filmed before the launch and, at 9.4 meters long, the livery design needed to showcase Nammo’s brand in an eye-catching way.

The mission patches proved more challenging.

In the early days of space travel, the rocket pilots – who were former fighter pilots – started a tradition of wearing an emblem patch on their uniform. This practice has since become a standard part of space travel and a unique patch is still being created for each mission (there have been some weird ones over the years).


For the Nucleus launch, it was essential that the design of the mission patch struck a good visual balance between including all the elements in detail without looking cluttered. The solution was a simple yet stylised concept using Nammo’s brand colours. It’s important to be recognised – even from space!



A mock-up image of the rocket was also required for use in the media, adverts and social media content promoting the launch. For this, we worked from the flat designs to create a bespoke 3D replica of the rocket and applied the livery artwork to it. Picking the perfect space backdrop, we manipulated the two together to create a realistic rocket image for use ahead of the launch.


Out of this world

Our designs for the rocket livery, mission patch, 3D imagery and additional advertising collateral gave the Nucleus launch team a complete set of mission materials. We handed over the deliverables to Nammo and followed the countdown to launch day with great anticipation.

On 27th September 2018, the Nucleus space rocket was launched into space and hailed a complete success. This was a prestigious project to be part of and an incredible milestone for the team at Nammo. We’re already looking forward to hearing how the Nucleus will continue to develop.

So, one giant leap for Nammo – and for us here at Harleys too. It’s great to be able to say that our designs really have been launched into space!

Whether your next project is taking place in the skies or here on planet Earth, get in touch for space-certified design support from our team.

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Social media platforms are a great way to network, discover new content and promote your business. When done right, it can offer a whole world of cost-effective marketing opportunities for brands. Here’s our round up of the latest ways to boost brand engagement.


The rising popularity of the vertical video

First, we need to talk about Instagram TV (IGTV). If you don’t use Instagram already (with more than 1 billion monthly users it’s certainly worth considering), the platform’s new video channel launched in June 2018. It has its own standalone app but is still accessible through the main Instagram app and allows videos to be shared that are up to an hour long. By building a channel of long form content, IGTV has the potential to capture users’ attention and keep them there, without the need for a phone tilt – that’s right, IGTV is all about vertical videos.

Interestingly, publishers are starting to treat IGTV like a TV channel, developing original episodic shows after noticing IGTV users are gravitating towards serialised content. We’re eager to see how IGTV will begin to offer paid advertising and sponsorships as it grows.

Not sure where to start? The National Geographic, Spotify and Airbnb channels are all worth a watch.


Time to go live

The stats prove it – live videos on social media are generally a Good Thing when it comes to engagement. It gives followers the opportunity to get an authentic insight into the real business or a peek behind-the-scenes. As social media users, we all love to be a little nosy sometimes.

Live content as a whole isn’t new, but it’s worth nothing that LinkedIn is now starting to introduce LinkedIn Live to the platform. This will allow both people and organisations to share live videos either across LinkedIn as a whole or to a select group.

Live video broadcasts allow you to interact with your audience in real-time, whether you opt for a Q&A session about your new product or share an event. We’ve seen the popularity of live videos on other social media platforms and LinkedIn is set to be next. Rollout has started, so watch this space.


More dimensions, more engagement

To say that we are excited by the growing possibilities of integrating augmented reality (AR) is an understatement. Our digital team certainly are. Earlier this year, Facebook introduced the option to create and share 3D models. For businesses and brands, this is a great way to offer fans a unique interactive experience that enables them to explore products or solutions in a highly engaging way.

In fact, the AR Facebook capabilities don’t end there. Now, users can also upload their own 3D photos – no 3D glasses needed. The addition of AR across social media platforms is about to make things a lot more ‘real’ for everyone.

Artificial intelligence tools have also recently been launched for marketers. This offers brands the opportunity to use AI-generated text for their social media advertising campaigns. The increasing reach of AI is going nowhere, although audiences still want to hear from real people. It’s important that brands retain that human touch.

If recent developments in the world of social media are anything to go by, the next six months should prove interesting. To join in the conversation with us, you can find us @harleysglobal across all social media platforms.

If you’re looking to launch a new campaign and push your brand’s social media capabilities, get in touch.

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We believe that a true reflection of success comes from what your customers say about you, and this is why we are proud to be a RAR recommended agency yet again. In fact, we’ve held this accolade for the last eight years and it’s all thanks to our clients for reviewing our work and, of course, liking what we do enough to recommend us.

The Recommended Agencies Register is an intermediary service that endorses agencies based purely on the opinions of their clients. Some of the key criteria that RAR measures are customer satisfaction, creativity, strategic thinking, value for money, and the agency’s ability to deliver on time and budget.

Thanks again to all our clients for providing feedback and helping us secure this important seal of industry approval for another year. It’s your satisfaction that drives us to continually innovate and deliver brilliant digital experiences, so here’s to more exciting projects and creativity in 2018.

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“Content is king.”

So declared Bill Gates in his 1996 article on the Microsoft website, heralding online business opportunities for information and entertainment providers.

20 years later, it’s a phrase that has not just been over-used, it’s been largely twisted in meaning to justify the transmission of endless realms of ‘content’. Just hearing the word brings to mind over-full spam folders, incessant digital ads and Youtube playlists of content about content.

The content ecosystem has turned on the audience, and many creators have forgotten about those receiving it.

In light of this, we thought it would make sense to share our internal content checklist with you, to be used when you’re preparing your very own content:

  1. Is it useful?
    Are you providing new information? And what’s more, is it information that can be applied in the reader’s life to make a difference?
  2. Is it original?
    Has someone else already told your audience this information? Are you just another voice in the endless content chorus? Can you take a refreshing angle or add to what is already being said?
  3. Is it entertaining?
    Even if the information can’t be directly applied in a functional way, is it at least going to make the reader smile? (For example, did you know sloths don’t fart?)
  4. Is it meant for this medium?
    The information may be useful, original and entertaining, but ultimately does it need to be in the reader’s inbox? Perhaps it’s more suited to a blog, news article or your Vimeo portfolio.In fact this content quality checklist actually started out as an emailer, but it grew a bit too long and we adapted it to the blog, and here we all are.

We hope you find this content checklist useful when creating and sharing your own content, and if you’d like to know about our approach to more specialised topics or media feel free to let us know – we love great content.

Long live the king.

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As the dust settles following another year’s Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, we thought it a good time to reflect on the standards of 2018’s creativity. On the large, we were blown away by the talent on display and the fresh ideas.

There has been plenty of positive noise coming from the environmental campaigns recently, so here are the best of the campaigns from the conservation industry (in our eyes).

Lacoste’s Save Our Species campaign won a total of 10 Lions, and for good reason. The iconic crocodile logo that sits on each item of Lacoste clothing was replaced with 10 endangered species in collaboration with International Union for Conservation of Nature.

The number of each design made corresponded to the number of that animal left in the world. Only 67 polo shirts were made with the Javan Rhino, and there were just 30 of the Burmese Roofed Turtle shirts. A thought-provoking campaign that encouraged many donations to ‘save the species’.

Without the habitats though, these animals cannot exist at all. This brings us nicely to another inventive entry – Trash Isles. Created in collaboration with the Plastic Oceans Foundation and LADBible, it was one of the most purposeful campaigns, winning 2 Grand Prix.

In the North Pacific Ocean, there is an area of plastic so large it is the size of France. The campaign organisers submitted an application to the UN, requesting that Trash Isles is recognised as an official country. If approved, other countries would then be obliged to clean it up.

A simple yet striking idea – creating an identity for the country with its own flag, national anthem and currency, which sparked interest (and shock) from the public and celebrities alike.

The Lion’s Share fund is also well worth a mention. Launched during the festival, ambassador Sir David Attenborough explained that firms featuring animals in their adverts should donate to wildlife protection schemes, ensuring that animals receive the support they deserve.

If the top 10 advertisers in the world join the scheme to donate 0.5% of their ad spending, £100 million could be generated for leading wildlife charities in the next 3 years.

We’re seeing more purpose-led campaigns that focus on conserving a better planet to fit with the current societal values. With planet Earth losing species at 1000 times the natural extinction rate, the need for change is urgent. Ads like Lacoste’s and the Lion’s Share fund reflect the current shift in consumers’ willingness to help conserve our planet sustainably.

Creativity is a chance to change the world and make people look up. If the marketing world can continue to build campaigns for good like the examples awarded at Cannes Lions 2018, it can only do good things for the conservation of both our planet and its inhabitants.

Are you looking to up your marketing game or want to find the right agency to launch a campaign for good? Get in touch.

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